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Comprehensive Personal Financial Planning 

Our process for Personal Financial Planning

We have set in motion a process that allows us to discover the needs and goals of our clients and introduce you to our comprehensive financial planning philosophy.

Through our six-step process, we work closely with you to identify goals, analyze your balance sheet and develop influential wealth management recommendations. We also bring together your various advisors, including accountants, attorneys and bankers to make sure everyone is working toward a common goal with their support to you.  

Ballast Advisors Cash flow and setting a budget

 Our process includes:

  1. Defining how we will work together
  2. Determine goals and gather your financial information
  3. Analyze and find creative solutions to achieve the goal
  4. Develop recommendations based on real experience rather that pre-listed products.
  5. Put your plan into motion
  6. Monitor your progress to keep you on track.

With your comprehensive financial plan as the foundation, our advisors will guide you on your financial journey, leading you along the path towards goal achievement.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin

The importance of analyzing cash flow and budget

You can’t calculate where you’re going financially unless you know where you stand now. You’ll need to look at your income and expenses – that is, your cash flow

  • How much discretionary income do you have after you meet your fixed expenses?
  • How much of that do you feel comfortable saving or investing?

To find answers to these questions, we suggest drawing up a budget.  A budget lets you see how you’re actually spending your money today compared to how you think you’re spending it. Our financial advisors can help you use your budget to change your spending patterns; and changing your spending patterns is the first step to improving your cash flow.

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